Sunday, 17 December 2017

Yesterdays Tomorrow = Tomorrows Yesterday

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It's ok, this isn't a competition. At least I don't think it is, it may end up as one, that's the trouble with some most of my posts, they end differently to how they started. Or, more accurately, I either go off on a tangent (something I am quite adept at I hasten to add) or I am not sure what I am going to go on about until I get started.

This is one of the latter.

Lets just see where it takes us shall we, we can always come back if we don't like it, cant we, did we get a return ticket?

I don't by the way, know lots of words, I will often use a word inappropriately, ok maybe not inappropriately (though occasionally) but more out of context. I also quite often read or hear a word I don't know and need to find out what it means, which I feel is a good thing. When I say quite often, I don't mean hourly, or even daily, probably not even weekly, to be honest I have never kept count or worked it out. Maybe I will, maybe I will post again in (insert number of days/weeks/months here) and give a breakdown of new words I have learnt, nicely presented in a pie chart.

Or not, maybe I wont, I wont, I decided, I might just eat a pie.

There was a program on television last night about words, we taped it. We didn't, nobody "tapes" things anymore. We "recorded" it via a different medium, no VHS or Betamax here, no no no, not that there is anything wrong with video players/recorders, it just things move on.

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I am sure, at the time, back in the 80's it was a massive battle, VHS or Betamax, which VHS won if I remember right. I say won, it wasn't a lasting victory as now neither is used, certainly not by many people anyway.

QI is another good one for words, we watched a "taped" episode last night that had aired a few weeks previously and there were some real doozies of words contained within.

Yet another place I see words I haven't seen/read before is the Radio Times, although I am sure, much of the time they are out of place. I will often read the "pick of the day" part, that's not true, I don't, I skim it for any program (or program name) of interest to me. During such reading (of program I know or of interest) the review/write up will be going along smoothly, comfortably, then, from nowhere, a completely out of context word is used. Its not out of context with the meaning, its out of context in the review of that program. Its as if its been used for the sake of it, the rest of the piece is very much in a "Dick and Jane" style, or similarly as simplistic, then out of nowhere, a word slips in that is completely out of sink with the style the rest of the writing. This is probably to either (and I like this possibility) send people scurrying to look up what it means, the person writing the review will be sitting at home picturing various people reading the review then stopping at a given point to see what "that" word means. The other possibility (there are probably many, I am just giving you 2, you can think of more yourself if you can be bothered) is that the person writing it is being "arsey" (me using the wrong word again? maybe) and trying to portray themselves in a certain light by using a word that is not commonly known or used. Not commonly by a "non wordy" person like me anyway.

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My dearly beloved Mrs R (henceforward to be known as DB, as I have already used this acronym on the other blog numerous times) is a very "wordy" person. She writes a lot (though not as much as she would like) and is rather good at it, she will no doubt be turning her eyes up at some much of this post, my grammar, sentence structure, appropriate use of words etc not being as they should be no doubt.

Did you notice that in the last paragraph, within the first bracketed part I possibly did what I moaned about certain radio times writers doing?

I have also realised this post and its contents are a sure sign I am getting old, I have mentioned the radio times far too much (I did earlier on Twitter today too) and have also gone on about video players and Dick and Jane, all things from long ago. Well not the radio times, you can still get that if you are so inclined, but the other things.

Before I draw this post to its ultimate end I think a quick musical interlude is required because, well, because I can.

I am a huge Talking Heads fan and the Tom Tom Club do have a rather close association, it also keeps the word theme going I feel.

Out of interest, is there another word for Thesaurus?

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Dennis the Menace and......

No, not Gnasher, I know that's what you were thinking, isn't it?

If you say to anyone Dennis the Menace they will (most likely) think the following words are "and Gnasher", as in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

That is unless they are darts fans, then they may well think of Dennis "the menace" Priestley he of the "arrers" fame. Interestingly (or not) if you google "arrers" (well I wanted to make sure it was spelt right) the Urban Dictionary, which itself conjures up all sorts of weird and wonderful words/saying, puts "arrers" in a a sentence, in case you are in any doubt what it means. I've just flung my arrers (the UD says), I think it would work better with me arrers, not my arrers (go on, say it in your best Cockernee accent and see which works better) but that's the example they give, my not me.

So why the teeth, or gnashers, as we like to refer to them. I say we, I am not sure who I'm including in that, but I know a lot of people refer to teeth as gnashers.

I have posted about teeth or things related to them previously, how do I know that. Well I have this amazing memory about things I have said many years ago, no, that's not true. Some days I forget what happened the day before, I would have no chance in remembering specifics of what I have posted way back. The reason I know is the label in the post. I wanted to use the label teeth for this one and saw I have used it previously, twice in fact.

Why am I doing a post about teeth, well, they drive me potty (mine) some of the time, now being one of those times. I have several crowns (no, I am not talking regal) and 1 of the in particularly frequently comes loose and drops out, occasionally mid sentence, which can make for interesting interactions, particularly if I am talking to someone that doesn't know me. I often liken it to Conrad Poohs as it isn't just the one tooth. At any given time it could be a range of them, well different ones, sometimes more than one, not sure why they just make me think of dancing teeth.

Conrad Poohs by jesse2

There will be less dancing soon, of the teeth, not me, I don't do dancing, well, I have, but that's another post entirely.

Major work is planned and commences shortly, proper scaffolding up and planning permission stuff.

Well maybe not quite that serious, but its a big thing for me and took a while to get my head round.

I doubt very much this will be the last tooth post either and why should it be, at a pound a go (depending on tooth fairy rates) there is a financial benefit to them pooping out, or dancing, as I like to think of them :-)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Who knew

I didn't that's for sure, not prior to writing this anyway.

It turns out, that Flossy is the name of a Spanish shoe manufacturer's/retailers. I'm loving the camper van greeting on the first page of their website and some of their stuff actually looks ok. I may even buy a Tony in the sale, well 2, one would be no good would it, I probably wont though if I am honest, but for that money, can you go too wrong?

I genuinely do need a basic pair of slip on shoes for "slipping on" (they named them well didn't they) quickly before popping outside . The sort of thing you keep near the back door, for when you need to get the washing in, or put something in/take something out of the garage, or put the bins out, or wipe down your Flamingos because they have become too greasy. Well maybe not the last one, but I am sure most people "pop out" quickly (not in a Micky Flanagan going out way). . .(which to me remains funny however much it is viewed) to do something or other in close proximity of their house.

Assuming you are one of those people who do something or other in close proximity of your house and you don't have some slip ons already, get some, try it, you may find its the best thing you have done, or not, who knows. All I know is I was saying to Mrs R the other day that I need to buy another pair, I threw my last pair in the bin of our old home as we moved out, it was quite a cathartic moment, so I am currently 1 pair short. That's not to say I have other pairs, saying I am 1 pair short makes it sound like I have many and when I last audited I realised a pair had gone, that's not what I mean at all. I just mean that at this moment in time, I don't have any, but would probably like a pair. Maybe stumbling across Flossy's shoe site was an omen, or maybe that's just a book and a film.

Believe it or not, my starting point for this post wasn't slip on shoes at all. It was giant Flamingos, well bigish ones, actually 1 to be specific. A Flamingo affectionately nicknamed Flossy, who now (only for now) lives in our porch. I should add that Flossy isn't one of the Flamingos evacuated from the Florida Zoo as the hurricane bore down. She hasn't been "safely evacuated" to our porch from the USA, that would be bonkers, to coin a phrase (another person that makes me chuckle) no, she originated in the UK. I am not sure where she was "made" but we acquired her from Cornwall, following a recent trip, really, don't ask.

Before anyone contacts the society for the prevention of undue weirdness to Flamingos (or its equivalent) I should explain that she isn't real. Well she is in that she is a tangible object, she exists, she isn't imaginary, but she isn't alive. She isn't deceased either, she was never alive, she is made of metal, or tin, or some such material. My slack description of what she is made of is probably a sign I am becoming bored with describing her now, so I will stop.

I am sure I will return with more tales or talk of Flossy at some point in the future, for now though, all you need to know is that she is metal (ish) in the porch and came from Cornwall. Oh and she lights up too, did I forget that bit, yes she lights up, apparently.

As much as its lovely going back to Cornwall, my mother is Cornish and someone very special lives there (my son) I do worry about what comes back with us sometimes, Flossy being a point in question, still she seems to be settling in, in the porch!

Monday, 28 August 2017


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Yes, distraction.

I have been finding myself distracted by numerous other things and thus haven't posted on here (or the other one) for over a year, yes a whole year. Its actually less than 3 months short of 2 years since the other blog had any attention, let a lone a post. 

See, distraction.

In my defence (I know I don't need one, but just in case I ever do) I have been super busy with other things, lots of other things. If you throw getting married and moving house into the mix too you can see why I may have been distracted. 

I also got distracted, well, distracted myself, when looking for a first image for this post. I was going to go on about not posting for so long due to liking the symmetry on my dashboard, no I don't have a new car, so can't blame that as a distraction too. Interestingly the new car (not that it is now) arrived on the day of the Brexit Vote (23rd June 2016).......

Image result for brexit vote cartoon not long before the last post, but not since it so doesn't officially qualify as an excuse or distraction. I call it the brexit vote, of course its correct title was the "United Kingdom European Union membership referendum 2016" just rolls of the tongue doesn't it. Anyway my reason for bringing it up (the vote thing) is that I want to go into more detail about how the economy, housing situation and confidence in the government has been affected. I particularly want to examine, then, with the input of those who are reading this, carry out a detailed appraisal of.................. honestly I really really don't, another case of distraction I fear.

The dashboard I was actually talking about (prior to my distraction) was the blog dashboard. Refer to the stuff I a was going on about in the last post, all that time ago. With that in mind, I was going to post something along the lines of my delay in posting being based purely on the fact I didn't want to ruin the 14 plus 14 thing I had going on. As the post was going to start that way and be based around that I was looking for an image along the lines of "I wont lie to to you" because I would have been, at least initially, by saying the delay was due to keeping the symmetry and 14 - 14, before then going on to say "I cant lie" (and possibly including another image) and coming clean, keeping up, good. That was far too long a sentence, something I make a habit of, not just in the written form either, breath Neal, breath, stop distracting yourself too and get to the point.

So I started looking for said image and stumbled across the one that I started the blog with instead, because it tickled me when I saw it, see, distraction. 

I should add that I really am fine, very fine, or mighty fine in fact, it's just that the image tickled me. 

Will it be a year before the next post, will the blog get some attention layout wise, will the other blog ever get posted in again, for the answers to this and more, stay tuned.....

This post was bought to you by the letter d (for distraction), the number 15 (work it out, the clues are there) and the colour blue, not because I am (far from it) but its a good colour :-)