Saturday, 24 November 2012


Yes, we all know what it did to the cat; although I have never seen proof of this, more "heard about it" apparently it got killed by its curiosity. Not to be mistaken for the 80's group by the same name I hasten to add.

My curiosity relates to something that has occurred around me, not to me, or by me (although at times I know I have been guilty of it) but not the particular incident this post is about, no, this happened around me (by another) Making no sense am I, nothing new there then. It is difficult for me to be too specific. In order to protect the innocent (or guilty, depending on your viewpoint) so I will get to the point, if I can.

I'm curious, actually I'm not, I'm completely baffled, as to how (or why) someone (male or female, young or old, short or tall, rich or poor, you get the drift) would spend a few years of their life, learning to do something, training to do something, but not trying to do something. Still making no sense, excellent, lol.

I know we are all individual, have different motivations, things that drive or inspire us, equally things that distress, de motivate and stress us, but not trying is an infuriating trait, particularly for those trying to help, guide, support, encourage etc. etc. etc. the person in question.

To me, it seems a waste, to do something for a few years, but not actually do it, unless the goal was to never do it, in which case not trying would be seen as a success by the individual, as they never planned to succeed.

Another of life's great mysteries I guess…………