Monday, 28 August 2017


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Yes, distraction.

I have been finding myself distracted by numerous other things and thus haven't posted on here (or the other one) for over a year, yes a whole year. Its actually less than 3 months short of 2 years since the other blog had any attention, let a lone a post. 

See, distraction.

In my defence (I know I don't need one, but just in case I ever do) I have been super busy with other things, lots of other things. If you throw getting married and moving house into the mix too you can see why I may have been distracted. 

I also got distracted, well, distracted myself, when looking for a first image for this post. I was going to go on about not posting for so long due to liking the symmetry on my dashboard, no I don't have a new car, so can't blame that as a distraction too. Interestingly the new car (not that it is now) arrived on the day of the Brexit Vote (23rd June 2016).......

Image result for brexit vote cartoon not long before the last post, but not since it so doesn't officially qualify as an excuse or distraction. I call it the brexit vote, of course its correct title was the "United Kingdom European Union membership referendum 2016" just rolls of the tongue doesn't it. Anyway my reason for bringing it up (the vote thing) is that I want to go into more detail about how the economy, housing situation and confidence in the government has been affected. I particularly want to examine, then, with the input of those who are reading this, carry out a detailed appraisal of.................. honestly I really really don't, another case of distraction I fear.

The dashboard I was actually talking about (prior to my distraction) was the blog dashboard. Refer to the stuff I a was going on about in the last post, all that time ago. With that in mind, I was going to post something along the lines of my delay in posting being based purely on the fact I didn't want to ruin the 14 plus 14 thing I had going on. As the post was going to start that way and be based around that I was looking for an image along the lines of "I wont lie to to you" because I would have been, at least initially, by saying the delay was due to keeping the symmetry and 14 - 14, before then going on to say "I cant lie" (and possibly including another image) and coming clean, keeping up, good. That was far too long a sentence, something I make a habit of, not just in the written form either, breath Neal, breath, stop distracting yourself too and get to the point.

So I started looking for said image and stumbled across the one that I started the blog with instead, because it tickled me when I saw it, see, distraction. 

I should add that I really am fine, very fine, or mighty fine in fact, it's just that the image tickled me. 

Will it be a year before the next post, will the blog get some attention layout wise, will the other blog ever get posted in again, for the answers to this and more, stay tuned.....

This post was bought to you by the letter d (for distraction), the number 15 (work it out, the clues are there) and the colour blue, not because I am (far from it) but its a good colour :-)