Friday, 9 August 2013

Further ongoing neglect

However, last time I suggested I was being neglectful it had only been 3 months between posts, the longest gap to date is the 345 days prior to this post......

On this occasion, it has only been a mere 250 days between posts, while this is much longer than 3 months gap leading to me initially suggesting I was neglectful, it is not as long as the record 345 day gap. What can we take from this, anything you want really, I'm just supplying the facts, what you make of them is up to you (too much use of the word "this" so far, need to remedy this, that)

So where have I been? What have I been doing? Is it even interesting?

I would love to be able to tell you but unfortunately I am unable to for safety reasons, yours, not mine. If I started to divulge to you the events of the last 250 days of my life, I guarantee it would not take long until you nodded off, this, could obviously be dangerous, depending where you are reading. in saying that, its been (in general) a jolly good 250 days, I just cant be bothered to recount it all, it would take far too long, suffice to say there have been no changes you need to be aware of dear reader, if there were I would tell you, you know that.

Opticians, I went to see them today, well I am off for a few weeks (with 3 days work in between) so am using the time to catch up on things I need to do, opticians, dentist, BLOGGING and other assorted "I really must do that" things that have been put off. So why do I mention it, well for the past few weeks/months my lovely FiancĂ© has been of the opinion that I may need glasses. To be fair, I have been tending to agree with her, due to me doing odd things while holding things to read. I don't mean breaking into an impromptu version of the Riverdance, Michael Flatley I am not, nor do I mean thinking it would be lovely to visit Old Trafford and watch Gollum do his best to emulate old purple nose....... Sorry, my mind and fingers feel soiled now just typing it, eeuugghh, sends a shiver down your spine.

No, its none of those things, the odd things I have been doing are a sure sign of age, moving the item I am reading back and forth in front of me as I try to read it. This is something I have been doing at varying degrees recently and I genuinely thought I may need glasses in some shape or form. It turns out I was wrong though after receiving a clean bill of health today at the opticians. I was told my eyes are starting to deteriorate (its an age thing) and the "slowness in adjusting" that I demonstrate when reading things in certain light close up will only increase (can slowness increase, do I mean decrease, nope, I mean increase) but at the moment no further intervention is required. I am to return in 2 years, though if it gets bad before that I am to return sooner, either way, its good news. I'm deteriorating, degenerating and generally falling apart slowly as I get older, but I am still just about hanging on in there.