Sunday, 18 October 2015

A quick one

Not The Who album, or with addition of "while he's away" the song, although I feel its worthy of a mention and a link. It was Townshend's first proper go at the "mini opera" style you know (pre Tommy), the song (a quick one while he's away) not the album (a quick one), keeping up, good.

All a bit linktastic there wasn't it, 4 in 1 paragraph, wowzers! I think we will have 4 in the next one too, purely for continuity :-)

So why a quick one, well, because mostly that what's this post is. I wasn't going to post here at all, I had no intention of doing so, a bit like Micky Flanagan not planning on going out, but it just happened. I was going to post on the other blog, not here, it wasn't even on my mind, but before doing so I noticed from the dashboard, (those familiar with Blogger will know what I mean when I say dashboard) .... (for those that don't I am not referring to the bit of your car that holds your steering wheel to the windscreen). Its an area where you can get an overview of your blog, nothing exciting sorry, while there I noticed that this one (blog) had 13 posts, cue dramatic music, I mean come on, 13, I couldn't leave it at that, can you imagine the perils, pitfalls and misfortunes that could befall me, those I know and possibly the world if I left on 13.

No exactly, nothing would have happened, its just a number, although I do have "a thing"about odd numbers, or more specifically even numbers. An example, well, when adjusting the volume on something with numbers, I do like to leave it on an even number, if someone else does it fine, but if I do, its not staying on uneven. In saying that I do sometimes do it, where its not practical (for volume purposes) to have it even, as the best volume is in between 2 evens (yes, an odd) but you get my drift, I have "a thing" about it.

We all have "a thing" about something and our own unique quirky ways, its what makes us individuals and the the world an interesting place.

My point?

We all have thoughts, behaviours and emotions that differ, most of the time this is fine and not a problem but every now and then it causes us or someone else a problem, as I kept hearing today, its all about perception. Whilst I don't necessarily agree its "all about perception" one thing I do agree with (that I also kept hearing today) is that we all have mental health. The trouble is, the person saying it didn't mean it that way, they were referring to mental illness mental disorder mental difficulty unsoundness of mind or mental ill health call it what you will, there are as many terms as classifications in the ICD 10. What they didn't grasp is that WE ALL HAVE MENTAL HEALTH, please stop referring to "having mental health" as if its a bad or negative thing or something requiring intervention.


Rant over :-)