Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A form of neglect?

I know it could be seen as neglect, after all, it's been nearly 3 months since my last post, but I have a valid ish reason.

Not long after I last posted I started on a piece of “pre course work” for additional training I want to start next year (I wont go into details now but no doubt will at a later date). Anyway, this piece of “pre course work” consisted of a 10,000 word assignment that I had 10 weeks to complete.

Suffice to say the last thing on my mind during that time was writing anything extra (in the form of a blog post) so I didn't, hence the neglect.

Thankfully its completed and submitted (last week) so I feel I can now look a keyboard in the eye (???) again and tippety tap away on it making letters into words.

I do (like many) use a keyboard at times during work and also at times during leisure but I'm not one that writes, or should I say compiles a collection of words together (a big difference lol) for any other reason than if its work/academic/assignment based.

Well, one other reason, blog post related, but any one that has read this or any other post will know that they really are just a collection of words clumped together, still, keeps me amused..........