Monday, 6 June 2011

I feel invigorated

It's lovely to be in a position to ramble away freely again, witter away wildly, generally spout nonsense or vocalise what may be lurking in my head.

I should say hello shouldn’t I, HELLO!
So why am I invigorated, what’s this wonderful invigorating thing that’s occurred to cause so much invigoration, it’s this, this here, on the screen, the blog silly.
I had one previously (it still exists out there on the tinterweb, I may even post the link at some point in the future for those bored enough to peruse its ramblings) but for various reasons it reached a natural end and a new one was needed, a new 2 actually, that’s part of the reason why the old one had been deemed to have run its course,  the need for a second “additional” blog,  but more of that later, not necessarily in this post, but certainly at some point.
I haven’t started the second blog yet, well I have in a way, but not to the extent of posting anything yet, so this post is officially the first post of the 2 new blogs. I will link to the second blog at a later date for those reading this that are interested in seeing something else, but not yet, the time is not right, mainly because there is nothing to see there yet, not in a Naked Gun way, just in the way that there really is nothing to see there, very little anyway, a few words that’s all, either way, this is definitely the first post on either of the “new” blogs.
What do we want to talk about then?
Anything at all, really, you don’t mind, ok then, what about the amphibious ice cream van? We can talk about that? Don’t fancy it, ok then, what about the F1 car hurdling man, no, not your thing? Ok, we can talk about the 5 best places to drink tea, surely that’s worth discussing isn’t it?
Not easily pleased are you, I suggest three things and you don’t want to talk about any of them, talk about fussy, ok then, I will.
I am incredibly so, predominantly in relation to what goes in my mouth, that’s not why I named the blog Neal by mouth, I’m not implying I don’t eat anything, I called it that because that’s my name, Neal (not “by mouth”) so it seemed appropriate, although its more Neal by keyboard as I’m typing this not speaking it, also being a nurse I couldn’t resist a bit of malapropism.
Anyway, back to the fussiness, as I said, I am, very, although I have improved (I mean I’m becoming less fussy, not getting better at being fussy) over the past 6 months or so, I actually eat the occasional vegetable now, something that was unheard of a year ago, still not keen on salad though, much prefer chocolate……..  mmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate, I’m going now, need some cohoclate, thanks for listening reading.