Sunday, 18 February 2018

The things people say..........

First post of 2018, that's not bad, its only Feb (mid) seriously, by my standards that's not bad going at all.

I often want to post about things but then other things happen that make the things I wanted to post about seem less interesting or less important. Also, as I am sure you are fully aware by now, I sort of get easily distracted by, well by life and all its goings on. The outcome of that being it is often a looooong time between posts. I am not even going to say (anymore) that I will endeavour to post more frequently, on either this or the other blog, its unlikely to happen, isn't it? probably not no, still time will tell. I think I find myself saying that more recently, time will tell, you know when you are aware you say things regularly that annoy you, that's one of them, I must try to say it less, still time will tell, I can try.

I guess we all have those little sayings, nuances in ourselves that either annoy or humour us, possibly both. They probably annoy others too, although others may be totally unaware, we may think they are, but they aren't at all, something I may have to put to the test :-)

So what am I going to prattle on about nonsensically post about then, well I am not sure yet, it will come to me. If I were posting on the other blog I would (because of what I have done in the garage to today) ... (a bit of mystery eh, oooooh) have something to post about. Which probably begs the question why am I posting on this blog not the other one. Sorry, don't have the answer to that, well I sort of do, but like a lot of what happens it may not make total sense. Suffice to say I will undoubtedly post on the other one too at some point with a bit of an explanation, maybe.

When looking for inspiration for this post I was looking for images and the one /\ up there made me smile. Now I actually like bananas, one of the few fruits I do, but its more the words and meaning than the foodstuff that tickled me. I have never been one to put lots of stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (other social media platforms are available) or just casually mention things like "I had spaghetti for lunch, mad eh" or "the number 22 is late again, typical" or "just seen Beyonce in Starbucks" etc, etc, you get the gist. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, it can be quite entertaining and a little bit of an insight into someones day, life, world, if that floats you boat. But, more recently I have been playing a little game (not in Jigsaw's "do you want to play a game" style)

cue pic

No, not in that way, though I am about to watch the latest (last year) reincarnation of Saw as my DB is working tonight so I have the house to myself. She is not a lover of horror films so I thought I would take the opportunity to enjoy one. See, I distracted myself again, as I say, I haven't been playing a game like that, more one to amuse me. It started when I saw a picture of a bat on a box, which I then took a pic of and put on Facebook, no idea why, it humoured me. It then developed/morphed into a variation of the word, not for any reason in particularly, purely my amusement. So I guess I may do post nonsense via the medium of social media at times, but its harmless, a bit like the "had a lovely banana earlier" comments.

I think it only becomes less harmless/more foolish when people don't think about what they post, tweet etc, or more importantly who may see it. There are plenty of stories out there about the person that posted something inappropriate about their boss or employer then wondered why they got a reprimand or lost their job. Equally, people that post things and do think about what they are posting and may be doing it to "have a dig at someone" over something they perceive is a problem but don't feel capable to say in person. That sort of thing is all good and well if no one else sees it, but when they do/can, well, that's probably more foolish and irresponsible than the category of folk that just don't think about what they post.

cue another pic

Thankfully I don't know anyone that would fall into that category, not that I would call a friend anyway, nor do I work with anyone like that, I am a lucky person in that respect. But they are out there, I have read things about the things people say. I guess there are many reason's people do it, I am sure IQ plays a part, as does good old common sense, or a lack of it, but I imagine a lot of it is borne from that old stalwart of, well, let me use a pic to explain.

Its been a bit pic heavy this post hasn't it, mine often are though, its also been a bit focused on Facebook for some reason, given it had no direction at the start I am bit worried it's focused on that, I am not paid to advertise I promise. Maybe the impending watching of a horror film has given the post a sinister edge, who knows, time will tell, see, the things people say, we all do it :-)

Actually time wont tell, not for this post anyway as I have a film viewing awaiting me but ti keep the pic theme going I will finish on one that amuses me somewhat.

Bye for now :-)

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Yesterdays Tomorrow = Tomorrows Yesterday

Image result for lots of words

It's ok, this isn't a competition. At least I don't think it is, it may end up as one, that's the trouble with some most of my posts, they end differently to how they started. Or, more accurately, I either go off on a tangent (something I am quite adept at I hasten to add) or I am not sure what I am going to go on about until I get started.

This is one of the latter.

Lets just see where it takes us shall we, we can always come back if we don't like it, cant we, did we get a return ticket?

I don't by the way, know lots of words, I will often use a word inappropriately, ok maybe not inappropriately (though occasionally) but more out of context. I also quite often read or hear a word I don't know and need to find out what it means, which I feel is a good thing. When I say quite often, I don't mean hourly, or even daily, probably not even weekly, to be honest I have never kept count or worked it out. Maybe I will, maybe I will post again in (insert number of days/weeks/months here) and give a breakdown of new words I have learnt, nicely presented in a pie chart.

Or not, maybe I wont, I wont, I decided, I might just eat a pie.

There was a program on television last night about words, we taped it. We didn't, nobody "tapes" things anymore. We "recorded" it via a different medium, no VHS or Betamax here, no no no, not that there is anything wrong with video players/recorders, it just things move on.

Image result for vhs or betamax cartoon

I am sure, at the time, back in the 80's it was a massive battle, VHS or Betamax, which VHS won if I remember right. I say won, it wasn't a lasting victory as now neither is used, certainly not by many people anyway.

QI is another good one for words, we watched a "taped" episode last night that had aired a few weeks previously and there were some real doozies of words contained within.

Yet another place I see words I haven't seen/read before is the Radio Times, although I am sure, much of the time they are out of place. I will often read the "pick of the day" part, that's not true, I don't, I skim it for any program (or program name) of interest to me. During such reading (of program I know or of interest) the review/write up will be going along smoothly, comfortably, then, from nowhere, a completely out of context word is used. Its not out of context with the meaning, its out of context in the review of that program. Its as if its been used for the sake of it, the rest of the piece is very much in a "Dick and Jane" style, or similarly as simplistic, then out of nowhere, a word slips in that is completely out of sink with the style the rest of the writing. This is probably to either (and I like this possibility) send people scurrying to look up what it means, the person writing the review will be sitting at home picturing various people reading the review then stopping at a given point to see what "that" word means. The other possibility (there are probably many, I am just giving you 2, you can think of more yourself if you can be bothered) is that the person writing it is being "arsey" (me using the wrong word again? maybe) and trying to portray themselves in a certain light by using a word that is not commonly known or used. Not commonly by a "non wordy" person like me anyway.

Image result for word out of place

My dearly beloved Mrs R (henceforward to be known as DB, as I have already used this acronym on the other blog numerous times) is a very "wordy" person. She writes a lot (though not as much as she would like) and is rather good at it, she will no doubt be turning her eyes up at some much of this post, my grammar, sentence structure, appropriate use of words etc not being as they should be no doubt.

Did you notice that in the last paragraph, within the first bracketed part I possibly did what I moaned about certain radio times writers doing?

I have also realised this post and its contents are a sure sign I am getting old, I have mentioned the radio times far too much (I did earlier on Twitter today too) and have also gone on about video players and Dick and Jane, all things from long ago. Well not the radio times, you can still get that if you are so inclined, but the other things.

Before I draw this post to its ultimate end I think a quick musical interlude is required because, well, because I can.

I am a huge Talking Heads fan and the Tom Tom Club do have a rather close association, it also keeps the word theme going I feel.

Out of interest, is there another word for Thesaurus?